A full listing of Top Sound’s equipment offers an overview of our production capability as well as our technical production support expertise.

Wood Shop and Dimensioning
CNC routers 6 each
CNC dimensioning systems 2 each
CNC engraving 2 each
Drilling systems 3 each

Paint Shop
Electrostatic Spray System 1 each
Automated Finishing Lines 2 each
Polyurea Coating System (Grayco H-XP2) 1 each
Temperature Controlled Curing 1 each

Quality Assurance Capabilities
Salt Spray 1 each
Boiling System (Marine Grade laminate testing) 1 each
NTI production testing (Acoustic) 2 each
LMS R&D acoustic testing 1 each
CLIO Acoustic testing 1 each
Audio Precision Electronic testing 1 each
Burn in testing (Active modules) 1 each
Structural Testing Equipment (10,000kg max) 1 each
Pantone Color Booth 1 each

Mechanical Support
Solid Works
Protel (PCB Design)